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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can other advisors provide this MDA service?

Yes, if he/she is licensed by the dealer principal and the dealer principal has MDA services in the ASFL.

2. Can the MDA investment program provided guarantees to make profits yearly?

An investment program is an investment strategy which takes into account the experience of the advisor, the goals of the investor, the asset allocation and the method of delivering to meet the set out objectives with audit trails. In itself it carries no guarantee to make money.
3. As my MDA advisor, can you do anything with my money and investments and do I have a recourse if I lose money?
  • The MDA advisor is licensed by the dealer principal who is also licensed by ASIC.
  • The MDA advisor has to provide you with an investment program and an agreement that you approved and agreed to.
  • The MDA advisor has to follow that investment program and if you are not happy as a result of losses, the investment program and agreement can be terminated.
  • Finally, the dealer principal has professional indemnity insurance which you can seek recourse to if you choose to do so.
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